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Meet Your Therapist

Daye Veltri MS, LPC, NCC


 Licensed Professional Counselor 

Fully trained EMDR therapist

IFS therapist

Fluent in English and Spanish.

“Trauma is not what happens to you, but what happens inside you as a result of what happens to you.”

Gabor Maté 

My Journey in Psychotherapy and Mental Health

Welcome! I'm Daye Veltri, a passionate psychotherapist deeply committed to clinical mental health and continually advancing therapeutic practices. My journey into mental health began with a master's degree in clinical mental health at The University of St. Thomas, where I forged the bedrock of my practice.


Fueled by a love for learning and avid reading, I actively pursue the latest trainings to integrate cutting-edge scientific advancements into my therapeutic approach. My clinical journey from St. Joseph Hospital-Houston to private practice has equipped me with invaluable experience in treating a wide spectrum of conditions. I specialize in supporting clients through various traumas such as sexual abuse, childhood trauma, complex trauma, violence, immigration, and adverse experiences.


At the heart of my practice lies a firm belief in the transformative power of therapy and the profound impact of human connection. I've witnessed firsthand how therapy empowers individuals to heal, grow, and reclaim their authentic selves. Guided by empathy and compassion, I walk alongside my clients on their journey of self-discovery and healing, fostering resilience and facilitating paths to fulfillment.


Perspectives Gained from Clinical Training and Practice

My clinical training has revealed the profound impact of diverse experiences on our biological, psychological, and social well-being. Memories of these events often exert a powerful influence on our current emotional state.

It's clear that such experiences deeply shape our emotional landscape. Exploring What Happened to You offers profound emotional insights into behavioral patterns and beliefs that can be challenging to grasp fully.

The essence lies in recognizing patterns and reactions stemming from past trauma or unresolved issues, providing a safe space to process and express suppressed emotions, and learning coping mechanisms to manage intense emotions and stressors, ultimately healing emotional wounds. Through my professional journey, I have witnessed therapy as a transformative process, empowering individuals to progress toward greater well-being and a more fulfilling life.

"Discomfort is the initiator for growth. It makes you desire something more. It forces you to change, stretch, and adapt."

Peter McWilliams 


1001 S. Dairy Ashford Ste. 100-135, Houston, Texas 77077

Office: 713.993.7751

Text: 713.499.0657

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