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Are you in a perpetual conflict, feel distant from your partner, or have experienced a breach of trust?


Relationships are a fundamental part of our lives. When they go well, they provide great well-being. When they are in constant conflict, they affect all areas of our lives. I don't see conflict as negative; it is an excellent opportunity for learning and growth.  What matters is how the conflict is addressed. The intention is to ensure you can honestly and respectfully discuss your differences. 

In my therapies, the priority is that real and deep conversations emerge to address the conflict without judgment, contempt and if it is possible to reach a compromise or find a solution. This dynamic involves acknowledging, asking, offering, agreeing, and listening. Applying these concepts can go a long way in strengthening the quality of relationships.  Human relationships indeed require dedication and time, but it is also true that deepening your relationships increases your quality of life. 

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Couples counseling can help with communication, connection, connecting after having a baby, emotional and sexual intimacy, conflict, attachment, discernment (deciding whether to stay in a marriage), and creating a healthier relationship.


Infidelity is not always a failure. In fact, it's much more common than you might think. There is a tendency to judge in a very simplistic way, black or white, victim and executioner. But the reality is that infidelities have a lot to teach us about our expectations, ourselves, fears, identity, and affective bond, among many other things. 

The job of therapy is not to save a marriage or encourage divorce; the job of therapy is to understand what that couple wants and where they would like to go. There are many types of infidelities, and the key is not to approach them from a moralistic or sanctioning point of view. Instead, investigate with curiosity with the intention of understanding to reduce the damage, act congruently, and handle the storm as best you can.

[693894390] Portrait of one businessman manager worried and stressed 1.jpg
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