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Relationships are a fundamental part of our life. When they go well, they provide great well-being. When they are in constant conflict, they affect all areas of our lives. I don't see conflict as something negative, I see it as a great opportunity for learning and growth. What matters is how the conflict is dealt with. The intention is to allow you to talk about your differences honestly and with respect.

In my therapies the priority is that real and deep conversations arise to address the conflict without judgments, belittling and if it is possible to reach a compromise, or find a solution. This dynamic involves recognizing, asking, offering, agreeing, listening. Applying these concepts can go a long way in strengthening the quality of relationships. It is true that human relationships require dedication and time, but it is also true that deepening your relationships increases your quality of life.


There are many reasons why an adult comes to therapy, including the desire to learn to manage emotions, avoid negative thoughts, overcome a fear, regain motivation, overcome loneliness, improve our relationships, face a change in life, learn to take control, or accept that we don't have it, navigate past pain, overcome nerves, sadness, emotional emptiness, deal with the challenges of daily stress, work, or simply talk to someone. The goal is defined by you and my job is to accompany you to navigate the storm and come out of it stronger, more resistant and resilient.

It is up to you to go through the resistance that being vulnerable produces, share aspects of your life, explore your thoughts, emotions, desires, and beliefs. It's normal to be afraid of being judged, but in my therapy you don't need to hide anything. You will be in a safe space to explore every facet of yourself. I am here to help you, not to judge you.

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The stage of adolescence comes with many challenges. A teenager's emotions rise exponentially from changing hormones, searching for identity, and navigating new social situations. Social networks and the use of the Internet have changed the lives of adolescents. These factors have changed the way they socialize, interact and see themselves.

Many think that adolescents do not have problems, but it is really a stage of very drastic change in which many elements of life become unbalanced and this affects their family, school, and social life. My passion is to accompany young people to express their emotions, situations, and anxieties with more clarity. I love providing a space in my office for adolescents so that without reservations they can be and express what they feel, what hurts them, what anguishes them, what they want, what they do, what they sound like, what they think and what what are you waiting for The intention is to accompany them to prevent minor problems from becoming major complications.

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